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I was born on Værøy in Lofoten, Norway, in 1972, as a son of two (then) newly educated teachers. Since then, I have lived in the Oslo area, up north, and in the North West coast.

My interest for improvised theatre have given me many nice experiences on festivals and conferences around the globe. I am also educated kayak-instructor.

My family name origins from Moltustranda on Sunnmøre county, where my grand- grand- grand- grand father buildt a cabin back in 1818. A spot I visit as often as I can.


I am educated with a MA comparative literature from the University of Oslo, with a thesis about the Norwegian master of short stories, Kjell Askildsen. I have also studied intellectual history and psychology.

I have the practical pedagogic course (PPU) from University of Oslo.

I have also participated in different school development projects, as "Endringskoordinatorprosjektet" in Bærum kommune and as a recourseteacher in "Ungdomstrinn i utvikling".


School: I have worked around 12 years as teacher in the upper second school and high school. I have also had positions as leader.

Entrepreneur: I established the text consultant company The Norwegian School of Literature Inc. (Norges litteraturskole AS) in 2002. The text consultant business have been running since, under different labels, an is noe offered on the platform

Author: I have written three books at the publisher Gyldendal Akademisk (see forfatterside Gnistrende undervisning, Gnistrende samarbeid og Fortellemagi) and one on Universtitetsforlaget (see forfatterside Improvisasjon i klasserommet).

See information about international edition here.

Podcast: Host for the podcast Rekk opp hånda from January 2019 to April 2020.


Head of board Rudolf Steinerskolen Nesodden (2012-2014)

Head of board Baluuba Improvisasjonsteater (2018- )

Leder of Læremiddelutvalget i NFFO (2019- )

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